creates safety information for your company 



creates safety information for your company


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SiteSafety app

for site employees and visitors

SiteSafety app is a digital communication service for industrial sites. The app contains general info, safety information and observations,  build in icons, detailed information, location map, navigate tool and dangerous situation reporting tool – all the information needed by contractors or visitors to plants.
The app can be downloaded for free via the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).
SiteSafety app.

Interactive map

All safety observations on the site can be found via interactive map.
SiteSafety app.

Safety information in advance

Every employer and visitor is required by law to ensure the safety and health of their workers. SiteSafety is an easy tool to give the right information before visit. 
SiteSafety info.

Report a dangerous situation

App user can create a report a safety situation to our  ready made safety template. Report is easy to fill up and is sent directly to the administrator.

SiteSafety admin panel

for industrial plants and contractors

With admin panel companies can share the updated safety information to all visitors and contractors.

SiteSafety software is a tool for industrial plants owners and contractors. This software is particularly useful if there are many sites to operate.

SiteSafety has been devised together with industry, and it provides a unique opportunity to update the info directly to the visitors and your own personnel.

Sitesafety Admin details.

Up to date safety management

As an administrator, you can create individual site info from each site you operate. You can create safety map using less time and with greater accuracy. As an administrator you can collect all the reports in dangerous situation for further examination.
Sitesafety admin.

reach everyone coming to the industrial area

After you have created a new site, share a link or QR-code and notify every employer, contractor, visitor and driver by sms or e-mail.
Sitesafety Sites.

Manage multiple groups and sites

it’s your responsibility to give the right safety information for each group (eg. visitors, cleaners, welders, truck drivers) working at your site. SiteSafety can create the right information for every type of groups and workers.
Create your own safety information now!

How it works

Sitesafety Admin details.

Create a new site

A plant safety administrator can use a simple online interface to upload all the information that visitors or contractors are needed to know. This information is easy to modify & update and it is available straight away in the app.
Administrator working at several plants can easily make updated information for the each plant.
Sitesafety admin.

Reach the visitors

You can reach recipients instantly by sending site link or QR-code with messages or an e-mail. Anyone working at several plants can easily switch to view information for the plant they are currently at.​

Manage information

As an administrator, you can edit and modify all the safety information needed at the plant. Visitors or contractors can have the updated info straight  on their iPhones or Android phones and all information is available to them, as well as safety  incident reporting.




  • Price per company
  • Includes:
    • 10 sites *
    • create and  update site
    • unlimited number of users



  • No cost for the users
  • Includes:
    • app with sites
* over 10 sites contact us

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